Campaign Against Racism

We are proud to announce that we are launching the Seattle chapter of the Campaign Against Racism, an international project to impact racism as it impacts the social determinants of health. From the Social Medicine Consortium’s website:

the Campaign Against Racism (CAR) is a global movement with approximately 250 active members in 22 chapters across 10 countries

In its first six months of existence, the Campaign has reached nearly 1,500 individuals through dozens of actions undertaken by Campaign chapters.

These actions included workshops on anti-racism and social medicine in Mexico, Haiti, Palestine and New York City, the formation of an African anti-racism network, and medical students implementing a Racial Justice Report Card system at medical schools across the United States…

Following the CAR retreat in New Mexico later this month, we will participate in this campaign at the intersections of incarceration justice and reproductive justice through a strategic social awareness campaign and reproductive justice symposium in 2020 to re-frame mass incarceration as a public health epidemic that impacts communities and families.

For more information or to join the Campaign Against Racism, fill out this form:

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